New range of Orange contracts


Orange will this week refresh its consumer contract tariffs to include multimedia services as standard or as supplementary bolt-on.

Orange retains its ‘animal’ brands and also re-introduces its Canary tariffs, ditched last year. Dolphin and Panther, its two multimedia tariffs, will come with unlimited mobile internet as standard from April 1, with the former also including unlimited texts and the latter bundling in other services (email, SatNav, MMS). Dolphin tariffs will start from £20 per month and Panther from £30. Canary will have unlimited texts and Raccoon tariffs will remain the same, offering unlimited fixed line calls. Canary and Raccoon packages both start from £15 per month.

Orange is launching six multimedia add-on services for £5 each (email, SatNav, 50 picture messages, Game Zone games, Sky Sports and Sky News). New and upgrading customers will get the add-ons for free for the first month. Orange has also reduced the price for the daily rate for mobile internet for customers without an inclusive bundle from £1.50 to 60p.

Orange head of pay monthly propositions Rob Bramble said: “We have refreshed tariffs in line with change in customer demands. Two thirds of our contract customers use mobile data, so there is growth to be had. More customers will pay for added services.”