Orange/T-Mobile channel promise


Orange last week appealed to dealers and distributors for the first time as a joint venture compan, ahead of the establishment of its UK merger with T-Moble this week.

Orange UK vice president of sales and loyalty Guillaume van Gaver said: “There is a level of excitement around the joint venture. By very early April, it will be formed. It will deliver strong benefits in terms of the power of the network; its doubles the size of it. And it will improve the ability of dealers to keep customers with better service and experience.

“It is important partners do not think that because we are to join with T-Mobile, we are going to change our minds. No. This partner programme is nine months in planning. We want great, great relationships with our indirect channels. The closer dealers are to this programme, the closer they will be to the number one telecoms company in the UK. That is the point, as well as to update and to rally partners.”

He said, also, the joint venture will make the company a force in unified communications within the UK. “France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom are really masters in terms of convergence indirect channels. That will be brought to bear in the UK.”

Orange and T-Mobile will run separate channel programmes through the second quarter, and then start to look to merge operations, Mobile News understands. It is a part of their businesses that will combine early in the integration process, and likely by October.  Both Orange and T-Mobile have recently increased activity within the sector.