Speakers Corner: New-model distribution


For years the inevitable trend has been the convergence of the mobile and IT sectors. From the days of WAP, network operators have been heralding an era where the mobile phone can be the device that runs your whole life.

For the first time however it does feel like there is a choice of devices that bring the possibility of being able to function completely in the mobile world.

In distribution we have seen massive growth of BlackBerry devices. At 20:20, we have recently had some good success with the new Nokia Booklet 3G.

Mobile broadband dongles are now available in the larger supermarkets. We are being approached daily by mobile content providers keen to find ways in which we can help them promote their latest applications to a wide customer base.

So what does convergence mean to the mobile distributor and what are the main threats and opportunities that come with it?

Firstly the threats. One of the major threats will be the emergence of the big IT distributors into the mobile space. Some of these companies are on a different scale altogether to players such as 20:20, let alone to some of the smaller niche businesses that fight for space in the mobile market.

Full article in Mobile News issue 460 (March 29, 2010).

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