Virgin Media in full tariff refresh


Virgin Media is to introduce a full tariff refresh this week, which offers customers of its fixed line, broadband and television services advantageous rates and undercuts certain competitor prices for new customers also.

Virgin Media is allowing customers who sign to 24-month contracts £5 off their monthly line rental, compared with the rate for 18-month deals. It is offering to discount both 18 and 24-month contracts by £5 also if subscribers are already customers of any of Virgin Media’s other services.

In this way, customers can get a starter subscription for £10 per month for two years, allowing 100 minutes and 100 texts per month. Virgin Media customers get the same for £5 per months. The same allowance is also available for £15 on an 18-month deal, and for £10 to Virgin Media customers signing for 18 months.

The firm is offering unlimited texts, web access and on-network calls for £25 per month on two-year subscriptions (£20 to Virgin Media customers; £25 on 18-month deals, and £30 to non-Virgin Media customers on 18-month deals).

It is offering an expanding range of high-end multimedia handsets and smartphones for free at good pricepoints to certain customers. The HTC Desire, available from Virgin Media this week, is available for free on two-year contracts of £25 per month to existing Virgin Media users and £30 per month to non-Virgin Media customers.

On 18-month deals, the device is available for free for £30 per month to Virgin Media subscribers and £35 to non-Virgin Media users.

It is also to range the Sony Ericsson X10 shortly, it said.

Virgin Media customers signing to mobile subscriptions of £15 per month and over will get unlimited on-network calls.

Also, from April, customers with home phone services will be able to make free calls to Virgin Mobiles during inclusive periods – weekends, evenings or ‘unlimited anytime’. It is not neccessary for Virgin Media customers to take a mobile package to qualify.

As well, Virgin Media is offering new SIM-only tariffs on 30-day rolling contracts, starting from £10 per month for 200 minutes and unlimited texts, rising to £20 with 800 minutes and unlimited texts and unlimited web too.

It is offering Virgin Media customers anytime calls and texts to UK landlines and mobiles for 8p per minute or text. The new ‘Simply 8p’ model also offers 50 free minutes to other Virgin Mobiles each month whilst in credit. International calls and texts are charged at just 16p per minute or text.

Virgin Media executive director of mobile and home phone Graeme Oxby (pictured) said: “This move kicks off the next phase of Virgin Media’s successful quadplay strategy.

“Our new tariffs and bundles for mobiles and landlines have been built on the principles of simplicity and flexibility, with a revolutionary approach to maximise bundling benefits for customers – calling between friends and family members has never been such good value, with free calls between Virgin home phones and Virgin Mobiles, exciting new handsets and market leading tariffs for mobile users.”