Orange in new broadband deals


Orange has launched a new range of business mobile broadband plans, in a move designed so customers can choose a package that suits the way their buisness works.

Business Everywhere 5 to 9 offers unlimited data for customers that want to work from 5pm to 9am only. It’s aimed at start-ups and entrepreneurs who might have day jobs but need mobile braodband access outside regular office hours. Business Everywhere  9 to 5 offers the same package to customers wanting access between 9am and 5pm.

Both of these tariffs cost £10 a month and Orange has included an additional 1GB usage allowance per month to dip into.

Business Everywhere Lite is aimed at low-usage customers, delivering up to 1GB of data access anytime for just £7.50 per month, subject to signing up to a 24-month contract. Business Everywhere Unlimited delivers unlimited data usage at any time for £15 a month, subject to signing up to an 18-month contract.

Additionally, for those that are frequent travellers, customers can also access an extra 5MB of data every month to use in Europe.

Orange UK director for small and medium business Martin Lyne said: “We know that traditional working hours are changing and we want our mobile broadband offering to reflect the working lives for our customers. So, wit Business Everywhere they’ll be able to choose the plan that offers them the best value based on when they want to use their mobile broadband.”