Men dominate Orange report


Orange has unveiled its sixth Digital Media Index which has found that men view on average 33 per cent more social networking pages on their handsets than women.

Findings from the April 2010 report from Orange, which is a detailed insight into how digital media is consumed across its mobile network, also found that nearly two million Orange customers use social networking on their handsets, with men accounting for 64 per cent of unique users.

Men were found to use their mobiles more regularly than women to keep updated with the latest sporting news. Sports updates are driving mobile internet traffic with men accounting for 57 per cent of customers accessing Orange World. Other findings revealed Orange World receives over 3.4 million users per month.

Sport was found to be the main driver for mobile TV viewing and is more popular with men than women. In total, sport accounts for 50 per cent of mobile TV content consumd, with Sky Sports 1 being the most popular mobile TV channel, attracting 24 per cent of users.

Men also seem to be leading the way when it comes to experimenting with new services, accounting for 75 per cent of mobile videos and 71 per cent of mobile TV clips purchased.

However the report found that women send more text and picture messages than men. Also the difference between the numbers of picture messages sent between men and women increases with age, with women over 60 years old sending 48 per cent more than men in the same group.

The consumption of mobile data also continues to accelerate, with over 5.34 million customers now using Orange 3G mobile handsets and/or dongles, and over 435,000 gigabytes of data being used per month.

Orange UK head of entertainment and information Deborah Tonroe said: “As this is the sixth issue of our Digital Media Index report, we were keen to delve deeper and offer an insight into how cusotmers use their mobile handsets. The report really does reveal some interesting results and shows that users really are using their mobile handsets for more than just voice and text.”