Top IT journalist passes away


Leading technology journalist Guy Kewney has passed away peacefully after succumbing to cancer. He is survived by his wife and two daughters.

During a career of more than 30 years, Kewney was the UK’s most influential IT writer and broadcaster on first-name terms with every key character in the development of the personal computer industry from Bill Gates downwards.  He launched, founded and edited trade publications Microscope and PC Dealer and worked as a TV presenter. In 2003 he set up one of the first mobile comms blogs ‘’.  He was also one of Mobile News’ first columnists in the early ’90’s for a short while.

Kewney also achieved 15 minutes of national fame in May 2006 when BBC News 24 journalist Karen Bowerman thought a Congolese man Guy Goma, who was in the BBC reception for a job interview, was actually Kewney. She interviewed Goma live on television about an Apple court case while Kewney kicked his heels in reception waiting for the call that never came.

Mobile News editorial director Ian White, who worked with Kewney on MicroScope magazine, said: “Without doubt Guy was the best technology writer of the last 25 years. He set the bar for every IT hack who has followed him. I doubt there will again be a specialist writer with his depth of knowledge and writing skills. He was a fantastic writer. His prose was always perfection. He was revered by his peers and feared by PR flunkies and CEO’s who foolishly tried to pull the wool over his eyes. To my knowledge, he remains the only journalist that (Lord) Alan Sugar has ever had a grudging respect for.  I shall remember the time I worked with him as a highlight of my career.”