Sharp End: Configuring iPhone


Whether you currently are allowed to sell the iPhone or not, I’m sure you have come across many users who want assistance in setting up things on their iPhone – be it settings for a POP3 email account or even a Microsoft Exchange account.

This is where the ‘iPhone Configuration Utility’ comes in. With this installed on your computer, dealers can go through a few on-screen options and pre-enter customers’ email information, upload this to a website and then have customers go to the site directly from their iPhones to set up the configuration file.

This will not only make you look extremely professional but will save customers having to enter all this information on the iPhone directly.

The iPhone Configuration Utility also makes it possible to set up many other parameters at the same time as email/Exchange options.

It is possible to force the customer to enter a password into their phone each time it is used as well as enforce just how secure the password actually is. You can set up the iPhone to wipe all its information if there are a certain number of failed attempts at passwords.

You can put certain restrictions on whether or not a customer can use certain features of the iPhone, which can help business owners ensure the phone is for business only. Wi-Fi settings can also be set from the configuration tool.

Full article in Mobile News issue 460 (March 29, 2010).

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