Dealer Sales Corner: Skype for SIP


The Skype for SIP gateway helps make FMC an incremental sale to existing customers, helping to flush out new business opportunities and revisit dormant accounts. The cost savings possible present clear benefits to businesses by enabling them to keep mobile costs low. But it also helps you to give customers a pathway to converged, flexible communications, using IP as the conduit.

The service, Skype for SIP lets companies with existing IP PBXs make and receive calls for negligible costs and a monthly rental charge of $6.95 (£6.10) a month per Skype channel — a virtual line for each simultaneous call.

But even if your client does not have an IP PBX, there’s a way of bringing Skype for SIP onto any type of telephone system. Using a Skype for SIP gateway, any business with almost any PBX can cut the number of expensive trunk lines it uses, cut communications costs, and gain functionality.

The Skype for SIP gateway is a low upgrade cost with zero changes to existing PBX equipment, phones, or PCs – at an entry cost of around $250 for a gateway supporting 4 concurrent Skype calls.

Because the gateways connect to existing PBXs, employees make and transfer Skype calls between extensions like any other call. There’s no need for headsets, no need to install Skype at each desk or to hook phones to PCs. And as employees use extension dialling, the majority of calls can be routed using SkypeOut to slash domestic and international call costs.

Companies can integrate their website to their phone system. Skype users can hit a click-to-call button on the website and instantly talk to
a person for sales or support questions. Also, the Global DID solution allows you to add local Skype numbers in a variety of locations, giving businesses immediate presence.

The savings can also extend to mobile users. With FMC, businesses can avoid high international roaming and long distance mobile call costs when calling back to their office.