Mike: Voda’s challenger approach in channels


Eyebrows were raised last week at speculation Avenir Telecom could be back with Vodafone, in light of their recent antagonistic past. But even speculation like this paints an image of the job Vodafone is preparing, and how far it has come from the axe-wielding operator in the sales channel of two years ago.

The difference now is its problematic Yes Telecom business looks to have a purpose as official conduit for third-party sales. Fone Logistics is working through it, Anglia Telecom is to be redirected through it and HSC and Avenir Telecom have held discussions with it. That shows it is in acquisitive mode in the SME reseller channel, as befits a challenger brand.

But there is the minutiae of base management still holding up action, as customers are reallocated between partners and its own sales ledgers.

Vodafone is back with Carphone. It has stripped out some excess. Its network is evidently good. It is getting ready to fire, or to aim at least – like it has cleaned its guns, and just opened a new box of ammo.

It is also rumoured to be launching itself in a number of concession stores soon, a needed jolt for its retail business. This can only be positive.