Speakers Corner: First on the Android bandwagon


Google’s open source Android platform was an intriguing prospect for a manufacturer right from the beginning. The fact it is open source means it has huge potential. But, at the time of launch, it was totally unknown and totally unproven, even if it had the Google brand attached to it.

We worked closely with Google to bring the T-Mobile G1 to market in September 2008. What has followed since has been two years of intense development. And some really iconic landmark devices handsets have been developed to run off­ its operating system since then.

But the industry at large was fairly disinterested in the Android initiative at first, despite its ground-breaking approach. Most of our peers in handset manufacturing were too focused on their own proprietary operating systems. Android has been important in empowering users and, from a manufacturer’s point of view, the customisable nature of the operating system has helped mould the phone, making it a truly unique experience.

Android has now matured and is attracting a lot of attention from manufacturers, operators, developers and most importantly, end users.

There are over 30,000 applications on the Android Market application store, and that figure is growing at a phenomenal rate, giving customers even more options and ways to customise their devices.

Full article in Mobile News issue 461 (April 12, 2010).

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