Tesco offers 12-month iPhone deal


Tesco Mobile has today announced a tariff refresh for its iPhone packages, which now includes a 12-month deal.

MVNO Tesco Mobile, has updated its iPhone traiffs to what it claims to be the “best” deal in the market for unlimited texting, data and web browsing.

From today, new and eligible existing Tesco Mobile customers can sign to a £35 per month deal on a 12-month contract and receive 750 minutes, unlimited texts, data and Wi-Fi through BT OpenZone.

Prices for the iPhone on this plan starts at £100 for iPhone 3G 8GB version, £200 for  iPhone 3GS 16GB and £275 the iPhone 3GS 32GB.

Tesco is also offering the iPhone 3G S 16GB version on a two year deal with the same package for £45 per month. Tesco expects to sell the iPhone on a SIM-only deal in the future.

Tesco claims its decision to offer a 12-month package for the iPhone is based on customer feedback and a “gap” in the current market for 12-month deals.

Customers can purchase the device from Tesco Phone shops and through Tesco Direct.

Tesco Mobile chief executive of Tesco Mobile and Tesco Telecoms Lance Batchelor said: “Tesco Mobile’s iPhone tariffs have been very popular. We’ve now made them even better, with a lower upfront cost for iPhone and a new 12-month contract.”