Voda courts HSC and Avenir


Vodafone distribution unit Yes Telecom has approached both HSC and Avenir Telecom about putting airtime connections through it, Mobile News understands.

Vodafone is expected to confirm plans to put all third-party sales through Yes Telecom, and is considering allowing O2 Approved partners HSC and Avenir Telecom to join; both have had direct distribution contracts with Vodafone terminated in recent times.

Claims it is in talks with HSC are considered to make sense following the deal struck with Fone Logistics. But dealers expressed surprise by Yes Telecom’s move to rekindle an indirect partnership with Avenir, which was axed a year ago ahead of an ugly legal dispute over Vodafone’s recruitment of former Avenir Telecom UK boss Tanny Price.

Neither firm was available for comment at press.

Anglia Telecom, Vodafone’s only direct distribution partner, is expected to work through Yes Telecom in due course also.