Avenir extends bonus offers


Avenir has extended its bonus offers for business connections on O2 and Orange until April 30 and has made the iPhone available to all dealers.

Avenir told its dealers last week it had extended its bonus offer of £100 per new O2 business voice connection until the end of April after achieving their specific monthly target.

It also confirmed its £10 bonus on all Orange upgrades has been extended by the same length as a result of its “huge success” last month. Avenir claimed some dealers earned an additional £1,000 on their Orange upgrades as a result of the offer last month.

In addition, from last week all Avenir dealers can now sell the Apple iPhone handsets and tariffs to customers on both Orange and O2.

Previously only O2 dealers selected by Avenir to be on the O2 Approved scheme were able to sell the device, with only selected Orange dealers able to sell the device also.

One Avenir dealer said: “It’s great news for us. Every customer knows about the iPhone and nearly all of them have asked questions about it so it can only be a good thing. The iPhone is a great device but Apple has angered a lot of people by dictating who can and can’t sell it, so hopefully this marks a change in its attitude.”