Industry “saddened” Mitch leaves


The industry is “saddened” by the news of Samsung vice president for UK and Ireland Mark Mitchinson’s departure.

Mitchinson announced his exit from the helm at the Korean handset manufacturer yesterday after holding the reigns for 11 years for “educational and personal” reasons.

Industry sources said the unexpected announcement and subsequent fast exit has shocked Samsung’s partners. One source said: “We are very saddened by the news that Mark is leaving the business. He has done a very good job for Samsung in building up the brand to be a strong contender in the market.

“The timing is unusual considering he has turned down a great promotion.”

Mitchinson is the longest serving manufacturer chief in the UK mobile industry. One source said: “Mark has developed some very strong relationships for the manufacturer and his personality has helped build those contacts. But, after such a long time in the company, it’s not a shock he has decided to leave.

“It was absolutely him that made the brand what it is in the UK.”

Walk & Talk Mobile proprietor Dipak Vora said Mitchinson brought Samsung closer to the indirect channel also. “Mark is very approachable and makes time for everyone, whether they’re from a big corporation or a small one-man-band dealership.

“Samsung will struggle to keep its close relationship with the channel without him.”