Nokia N86 hit by hardware faults


Nokia’s N86 handset has come under fire from for hardware issues with its microUSB charging port. The complaints follow similar problems with its N900 and N97 devices.

Several dealers have reported large numbers of repairs, with customers complaining of a major charging problem – the microUSB charging socket gets pushed inside the handset when customer go to connect the cable.

In February, Mobile News reported problems with N900, where two prongs on the charging cable were so tight the whole microUSB port came away when the cable was disconnected. The N97 has suffered a similar problem.

In the last three months Wimbledon- based repair centre Turn On Your Mobile has received “a high number” of N86, N97 and N900 handsets with faults. Proprietor Mark Pollak said: “It is a widespread Nokia problem. Nokia doesn’t seem to have done anything to rectify them.”

Mobile Zone proprietor Mike Young said: “What makes it disappointing is that it’s not the first time this has occurred on Nokia phones and there’s a fear that this will now be widespread on its handsets.”

One repair centre said: “Nokia handsets seem to be the main culprit when it comes to weak microUSB ports. Users can be clumsy when charging their phones but in any case this should be fitted well enough to withstand such pressure.”

However a Nokia spokesperson said: “Nokia Care, Nokia’s user support centre, has not recorded any user complaints about faulty USB sockets on the N86 device.”