Paul: Handset issues with old Western vendors


Handset issues continue to rear their head at Nokia. And they continue to damage its brand in the sales channel.

This time it’s the N86 and N97 that dealers and repair centres have complained of, with the charging sockets on both phones considered weak. How do these devices pass muster at testing?

It appears western handset brands are worst afflicted by this issue, with Sony Ericsson also subject to a barrage of complaints over hardware and software issues in recent times.

With the rise of Apple, BlackBerry and HTC, Nokia and Sony Ericsson must put these kinds of elemental difficulties right. The urgent job they both have is to produce dazzling new software that captures the market, and to build the image of an iconic brand in parallel. That is what these others have achieved. For vendors with long histories in this market, to be facing hardware issues appears to tell of deeper trouble.