More O2 pay from Fone Logistics


Fone Logistics is offering a £50 commission bonus to its dealers when they connect a voice customer to O2 landline.

The handset and airtime distributor told its dealers last week it will reward them with a £50 bonus when they sign a new customer to a mobile voice deal which includes landline for a two-year term.

Dealers will continue to receive their seven per cent ongoing revenue share earned from the O2 landline sale.

Fone Logistics has also confirmed it will continue to offer £40 volume bonuses until the end of the second quarter for dealers connecting 10 or more numbers on selected 24 and 36 month O2 business tariffs.

Fone Logistics is also offering a £50 bonus for BlackBerry connections.

Fone Logistics chief executive Ian Gillespie said: “We want to encourage more Joined Up Communications. It makes the customer more sticky to our partners, so the more you can sell in to the customer the less likely it is they will be poached by someone else. O2 landline is doing very well and we want to continue that.”

The £50 bonus has been extended to the end of April following good take-up within its base during March.