O2 CoE partners recommit


All 18 of O2’s Centre of Excellence partners have extended their exclusive relationship with the network for a further three years.

All partners have recommitted from the original programme with a further two, 80/20 and Dick Flemming, who joined last quarter.

Partners have access to sales, marketing and customer service support from O2. They also have the ability to work with customers of all sizes across both enterprise and larger business.

O2 UK head of SME sales David Plumb said: “We are delighted all our closest Partners have chosen to extend their special relationship with O2. These partners continue to set the benchmark for excellence in the UK and continue to have access to increased investment from O2.

“At O2 we recognise the need to work closely with our partners is key to success. We are dedicated to evolving the Centre of Excellence program, ensuring we involve all our partners in this process through an open dialogue. We believe it is only through these true partnerships that our channel solutions will succeed.”

Last month O2 passed 100,000 directly acquired customers to partners. This is the second time O2 has done this in the past year and follows positive results of the first tranche.

Plumb added: “Our partners have demonstrated their commitment to building customer trust and loyalty, providing superb management and delivering single digit annualised churn. In fact recently we’ve started to celebrate a growing number of partners in the sub 5 per cent annualised churn club. By handing these additional customers over to our partners I believe it demonstrates how much we believe in the partner channel and want to make these partners even more successful.”