giffgaff hires social media head


Community-led MVNO giffgaff is to recruit a social media expert by asking applicants to host a social networking marketing campaign.

Applicants have two weeks in which to develop ideas for a campaign to drive the giffgaff brand across social networking sites. A shortlist of the best ideas will be announced thereafter and will be made into actual campaigns, running for two weeks. The person with the best campaign will get the job.

giffgaff rewards customers with points for supporting the brand on social networks and by word of mouth, which can be used towards free calls, texts or data.

Chief executive Mike Fairman (pictured) said: “Despite what we’re being told about the country coming out of recession, finding a job doesn’t seem to be getting easier. There are many alternative ways to make it to the top, and although we don’t expect any romantic encounters to result, we are offering up the opportunity for anyone to make us sit up and take notice of their own unique way.

“We’ll watch and measure everyone’s efforts. As long as we can see something tangible such as a newspaper article, video, online blog or Facebook page, we promise we’ll take a look. We’ll also interview as many people as we can, so the bigger the fuss they can create, the better chance they’ll have of bagging a great job with a salary to match.”