O2 staff fury at private data leak


O2 has suspended a manager after an email containing confidential and private information relating to their Annual Performance Scores (APRs) was sent out in error.

An O2 spokesperson said: “We can confirm that an employee sent an email to a number of people in O2 Retail, in breach of our strict policies on confidentiality.

“The employee has been suspended pending further investigation of this matter. We take such matters very seriously and regret any upset caused.”

Affected O2 retail staff say they have been “humiliated” after names of  those with an APR score of four were sent out to “hundreds” of O2 staff, many of which were regarded as “strangers” on March 19.

Employees who received an APR of four are seen to be “under performing” and can miss out on an annual pay rise and are often placed on a performance improvement plan. They can even be given a formal warning.

A number of staff had not been told their APR scores by their area or store manager. They only discovered their results through emails between staff who received the information in error and  who then informed those on the list.

Said one O2 employee: “The last thing people want is their fellow colleagues to know that they are failing. It’s an embarrassing situation, especially for a manager in charge of other staff.”

O2’s HR department has received many complaints. It has since emailed affected personnel the following statement: “I wanted to contact you further to numerous emails that I have received over the past week in relation to APR scores and a situation that occurred on 19th March.

“Unfortunately, an email with confidential information was sent to a Branch Manager email distribution list; this contained some unreleased APR scores for Division 4 which were not all relevant to the managers they were sent to. This matter is currently being investigated in line with O2 policy and we will consider all recommendations to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

“As this email contained sensitive information, we ask copies of the email are not circulated and are deleted immediately.”