20:20 ramps up dealer portal


20:20 has announced the number of registered dealers using its online portal has now passed 200.

20:20 launched its dealer portal as part of its new Premier Partner “true value” programme in June last year. The portal, was initially available for 50 partners but was extended to around 75 by October and is now being used by more than 200.

The online portal offers dealers the ability to purchase stock, manage logistics, track orders, request marketing support, view upcoming products, check compatibility with accessories as well as view marketing trends and receive regular information on 20:20 and the mobile industry.

20:20 revealed previously sales have increased on average per customer by 38 per cent since the portal was first launched with the majority using the portal more than an hour per day.

20:20 managing director James Browning said: “The Partner Portal is a key tool in delivering a high quality service to our dealer network. By performing many tasks online they are able to save a great deal of time and money and at the same time improve efficiency.

“Our statistics show that partners are using the portal daily and in most cases remain online throughout the working day. In addition the channel partner system allows 20:20 to focus resources to improve customer services through the channel.”