Uplands to increase headcount


Uplands is embarking on a major recruitment drive after winning more than £10 million worth of business for O2 when it was chosen to take part in the second phase of the operator’s business customer management programme.

Uplands had been selected to take part in phase one of the programme. It took a sizeable share of the initial 100,000 customers that O2 passed out to selected Centre of Excellence partners to manage.

Uplands has also appointed Cordelia Bartram as its Centre of Excellence business specialist. She will head up the management and new opportunities afforded to Uplands with these newly provided business customers.

The company will hold three employment seminars this year, in Bridgwater, Exeter and Plymouth.

Uplands managing director Paul Hooper said: “The remit to my team is very simple. Over the coming months we will be ensuring that we have a much greater density of fi eld-based business specialists throughout our region. This will create a number of new job opportunities from Bristol down to the tip of Cornwall.

“Often the South West can be an overlooked region. But not for us. In Devon alone we’ve identified 20,000 businesses who are not benefiting from Joined Up Communication solutions.

“We are currently working with a specialist data management company to target these companies directly with our mobile portfolio but with our specialist Joined Up Communications range of products and managed services.”