3 refreshes brand to Three


3 has today announced it will refresh its brand in a bid to become the premier network for data services.

The operator has switched its strategy from being price-led to focus on the quality and service of its data propositions.

3 said it will re-educate the public by removing any previous “stigma” that existed in previous years.

It will also be updating its tariffs to include free data as part of the package for the first time, instead of as an add-on.

3 has also simplified its brand logo in to a single monochrome design and will be displayed as ‘Three’ instead of the numeric form.

The new look, which includes a complete point of sale refresh in all its channels including retail and online will be unveiled today (May 4).

A 3 spokesperson said: “We think the refresh, which includes changing the way we write our name from ‘3’ to ‘Three’, results in a simpler, warmer and clearly internet-focused brand.

“It’s designed to be a more approachable look and the incorporation of Three.co.uk into the logo reflects our drive to be the home of the mobile internet.

“We will continue to challenge the market to give customers great value, but in store you’ll see an increased emphasis on the benefits of our services rather than simply shouting about price.”

3 also said it will be launching a new above the line national advertising campaign to get its new message across to potential new customers.

It is to promote the strategy through a cinema theme later this month and arrange to show its plans through 35 cinemas across the UK to its staff. It will include the tag line “They’re going even further to make it even better.” 

The campaign will also discuss its network expansion which has doubled in the past 18 months.

3 claims to have the biggest 3G network in the UK bringing “more capacity” and “greater coverage” to greater parts of the country than any other, spending “billions” of pounds.  

“We hope that the brand’s new look will prompt people to take a new look at Three,” said the spokesperson.

“Moving from a 6,000 site network to one of over 10,675 today and nearly 13,000 by the end of the year means this is a great time to refresh the look and feel.

“The network is the core of everything we do. The confidence we have in the network now has a brand identity to match.”
The national campaign will begin on May 8 and will appear across all forms of media including substantial coverage in newspapers, TV and in cinema.