Best Buy Mystery Shop Special


I turned up nine hours after the store opened at 7am and you could tell what a circus it had been earlier – there were several barriers and crowd control officials in place to ensure the numerous consumers got in safely.

There weren’t the reported crowds that there were earlier in the day but there were still a fair amount of people around. I was greeted by a number of customers and Best Buy workers rushing around, as well as the vast amount of surround sound being emitted from the various types of technology on display.

The problem was that I would have to endure this for 15 minutes before someone gave me some attention. There were more than enough Best Buy workers to help me, but nobody seemed interested. Some were talking to their colleagues and others just walked past me. I was starting to wonder what they had been taught in their nine weeks of training.

I decided to take things into my own hands. I approached Paz, who was dressed in a blue Best Buy polo shirt, beige trousers and black shoes. It wasn’t long before I realised how useful those nine weeks had been.

Paz stated that it was his aim to find out exactly what I was after and that it was Best Buy’s priority to ensure all its customers utilised absolutely everything in the product they purchased. It was gimmicky but reassuring nonetheless to a first time visitor.

He wasn’t phased by my query about three screen technology, walking me to a section where he would be able to demonstrate its capabilities. He did so perfectly, answering my questions in a clear and concise manner about what exactly three screen technology is and how it worked. He was even quick to mention that the only additional cost I would have to pay would be £5.99 a month for Sky Player on my laptop to enable the service to work.

Full review in Mobile News issue 463 (May 10, 2010).

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