Window Shopping (10/05/10)


Carphone Warehouse

Could be renamed the Television Warehouse as Samsung continues to use its “Free 32” LCD TV and “Free C3050” to convert footfall, in-store.

Apart from a big World Cup kick-off TV, there’s a range of social networking comms around Android-friendly Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. For the discerning bargain hunter, there is the Samsung Tocco Lite.

Phones 4U

Nokia re-rolls out ‘Free SatNav Forever’ message, and uses it to move the Nokia N97 and 5800 product lines along.

BlackBerry uses the BB Messenger to promote the 8520 while the LG Pop relies on that good old fashioned £49.95 pricepoint to drive footfall.

Elsewhere, Phones 4U headline writers can’t resist giving the ‘Full Monte’ to Samsung’s new feature-packed prepay proposition.


Vodafone 360 goes into overdrive in-store, with the much-anticipated Nexus One, tipped in Voda windows as the ‘ultimate Google experience’.

This nuzzles, uncomfortably, next to the Samsung hero device for the 360 platform, the M1, which is £80 on prepay and includes internet, calls and texts.


Samsung rules the roost with the Monte grafted onto the Iron Man 2 exclusive content offer. Elsewhere, the comms have a musical flavour, promoting the iTunes Festival in London stores and the Samsung Diva nationwide, which comes with The September Issue DVD for a real deal price of £119.99.


The Orange Rio is the bait to hook Dolphin customers, offering BlackBerry-killing free email, chat and browsing for a real deal of £65.

The phone comes in black and pink, boasts a touchscreen and a QWERTY keyboard and replaces Samsung Genio comms from last week.


Three in a row in T-Mobile stores with the T-Mobile Pulse, which is a non-QWERTY competitor to the Orange Rio, and comes at a real deal price of £109.99.

If that doesn’t entice then the BlackBerry 8520 is available for £20 on selected tariffs or you can get a Samsung Tocco Lite for £79.99. Or you could go next door to Orange and get a brand new Rio for £10 cheaper.


Sony Ericsson uses the Xperia X10 to thwart Samsung with a new in-store proposition. ‘New Phone. New Music. New York’ entices footfall with the lure of a trip to New York or ten £100 music vouchers.