Samsung boss preps shake-up


As Samsung bids a sudden farewell to long-standing vice president of UK and Ireland Mark Mitchinson, incoming head of mobile Simon Stanford has already rolled up his sleeves and started to shake things up.

Although Stanford’s title is different, his job description is virtually the same as Mitchinson’s was as he departed. He is tasked with the training, sales, marketing and supply of mobile phones, MP3 and MP4 players. 

Stanford explains that operations internally and marketing will alter under his watch. In particular, he says the MP3/MP4 business, which was moved into Mitchinson’s remit late last year, will now become a more integral part of the mobile strategy.

Stanford wants all Samsung distributors and channel partners to now sell on its MP3 and MP4 players and says the mobile channel is well fit to do so.

“Our MP3 division is one of our hidden gems,” he says.

“Our channel partners are embracing that alongside mobile phones now, but we will be ramping that up further this year, building on the early success of those products. In two months, we will be making a more solid move and will announce something significant to do with the MP3/MP4 strategy.”

Stanford refuses to go into detail about the finer detail of the MP3/MP4 strategy, but says he expects that all Samsung mobile distribution partners will take on the products in the coming months.

In terms of its distribution, Stanford says he will be reviewing the current state of play in order to cast a wider net, to reach a larger number of consumers and business customers, in particular SME businesses.

Full article in Mobile News issue 463 (May 10, 2010).

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