Teleappliant to launch 3 MVNO


VoIP provider Telappliant is to launch as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) running off the 3 network.

The partnership was formalised through MVNO-enabler aql, which has to date signed up over 30 MVNOs all running across 3’s infrastructure, including a number of M2M services.

Telappliant’s MVNO is set to launch on June 1 and will provide business users with a fixed line number on a mobile device. When the end user receives a call on their landline, the mobile will also ring. Customers can opt for a national or non-geographic number.

Telappliant chief executive and founding director Tan Aksoy (pictured) said dealers adding a non-geographic number, say ‘0845’, will be able to receive revenues through incoming calls.

Telappliant will launch with four low-end devices, but is yet to confirm which handsets. It said it is looking to range Nokia, INQ, HTC and Motorola devices that are around £40. It has signed a deal with Data Select and HSC to provide the handsets.

Tariffs will be identical to its VoIP proposition chargeable as a pay monthly contract. For example, The Landline Business Lite tariffs includes 5,000 minutes for £29.99 per month, the Regular tariffs includes 10,000 minutes for £54.99 or the Frequent tariffs comes with 20,000 minutes for £99.99.

Minutes are for UK, Europe and International destinations. UK only tariffs start from 5,000 minutes for £24.99.

The mobile solution also enables customers to divert SMS messages. For example, customers can divert an SMS to a different mobile to the Telappliant device or can divert it to Twitter to view as a post.

Aksoy said it aims to partner with 300 mobile dealers who wish to provide an FMC solution to end users. Aksoy said: “For businesses, this service makes sense. It is ideal for users who are out of the office frequently and miss calls on their landline.

“The opportunity for dealers is in the form of additional revenue from non-geographical numbers as well as selling on a new product – VoIP. We expect most sales of the mobile product to be as part of a package to new customers adding it to a VoIP service.

“This is a true mobile extension to a fixed line.”

Telappliant will launch in trial mode with 1,000 SIM cards and expand the service after a review.