Frugal UK favours discount apps


Money-saving apps are the hottest property in the UK, according to a study by LG Electronics.

One in four people surveyed by LG reported that discount apps and those featuring voucher codes for money off products and services were their top downloads. This figure includes paid-for money-saving apps, as part of the UK’s £422.2m spend on mobile apps each year, LG said.

The top five downloaded app types indicated by the LG study also include: apps that save time, wanted by nine per cent; apps to improve physical and mental health, favoured by nine per cent; apps to aid shopping for dinner, as chosen by eight per cent; and apps for gaming, under demand by six per cent.

The study also found that despite the vast number of gaming, entertainment and quirky apps on offer, Brits prefer practical ones with the most downloaded rated the most useless, including the iPint app, fart noises and apps to show the phone’s battery level.

Both sexes indicated a want for apps to help them avoid awkward situations, with 1 in 3 men, and 23 per cent of women, indicating they would download those designed to avoid sticky situations like drunken dialling or texting, and awkward silences. The number was higher among the 16 to 19-year-old age group, with 37 per cent of men and women looking for help to avoid these types of embarrassing events.

The study also revealed UK app store users’ dream downloads, including those to help make money, read minds and enable teleportation, as well as more practical suggestions such as how to loss weight and how to dress fashionably.

LG marketing director Paul Trueman said: “This research has provided us with some very interesting insights into the app likes and dislikes of the nation. There is clearly a huge appetite for the continued development of apps and a hunger for even more innovation.”