InfoMedia issues app project alert


Mobile services company InfoMedia has warned businesses and brands developing a mobile app strategy not to overlook Google’s Android platform.

InfoMedia managing director Michael Tomlins said the company has seen “month-on-month exponential growth of Android-enabled devices” across its network of mobile sites, and that “the Android market is reported to be growing at a rate of 8,000 apps per month and we anticipate a lot more visits from these handsets.”

InfoMedia said Android devices now account for four per cent of all mobile browsing sessions across its mobile sites.

Mobile TV and video speclalist Yamgo is launching the beta version of its on-demand service for the Android platform after increased demand from smartphone users.

Yamgo chief executive Ian Mullins said: “The majority of Android users can now access an ever increasing number of live UK channels and a constantly updated catalogue of videos and experience the same high quality enjoyed by those who use on the iPhone.”

Voicemail and instant voice messaging app developer HulloMail has also added version 2.2 of its Android app to its product offering in the last week. This includes enhanced features to display missed calls, copy messages directly to registered email addresses and to access existing messages whilst offline, as well as free instant voice messaging.

InfoMedia’s Tomlins said app consumption figures reflect the need to keep the Android platform in mind when developing a mobile app strategy.

“The release of handsets such as the HTC Desire really challenges the iPhone in terms of user experience and this is reflected in the app consumption figures. The lesson for those brands looking to exploit mobile is that it is no longer an option to develop just for the iPhone.”