James: Everything Everywhere


It was something of an anti-climax when Orange – and it appears now old-Orange is leading this PR assault – finally unveiled its new ‘brand’.

The market was pregnant with expectation on the leak, via store staff the day prior to the official unveiling of the ‘Everything Everywhere’ name.

And yet, we learned on the day the new ‘brand’ was only actually the new company name for the legal entity now running both brands, which will themselves remain in use.

‘Everything Everywhere’ is a terribly vague description of the new firm’s philosophy, like it is sitting on the fence or else has some megalomaniacal fantasy about unbounded world domination.

This is a UK company after all, and one that has perhaps only the best hope of all its peers of being more than a mere utility pipe.

Of course, one should not underestimate the clever marketing types within this new organisation. But ‘Orange’, vague as a brand also, was at least novel, deliberately ‘out-there’ and somehow ‘cool’. ‘O2’, which has made the most of its brand in recent years, can be made some sense of in terms of the ‘oxygen’ of easy communications.

‘Everything Everywhere’ has too many words, for a start. And ultimately means too much to mean anything much at all.

Perhaps it is best kept on file at Companies House, and in the small print on customer bills, and not splashed across shop signage.