Voda cleans up Biffa operations


Recycling and waste management firm Biffa has awarded Vodafone UK a £1.75 million, three-year contract to provide it with mobile communication services.

Vodafone will enable Biffa to relay information between its 1,500 refuse collection trucks and the Biffa head office in High Wycombe via a secure, dedicated data link across Vodafone UK’s network so that Biffa can capture information like proof of collection more efficiently. It will also be able to identify vehicle locations. Vodafone will provide Biffa with a total of 3,100 devices, including BlackBerry smartphones, as part of the deal.

Biffa said it will use Vodafone’s communication services to manage its operations on the road, improve its services to customers and improve workforce productivity. Biffa said it expects to save around £750,000 over three years with the initiative.

Biffa’s group procurement category manager Vicky Panayiotou said: “We selected Vodafone UK as a network that we can rely on to provide our mobile workforce and trucks with secure mobile voice and data communications. Vodafone was able to offer us a complete solution that will enable us to run our organisation more effectively.”