20:20 Mobile senior staff reshuffle


20:20 Mobile sales director Steve Sanghera has taken on a new role at the handset distributor, heading up its global operations.

His position has been taken by Jon Miller, who was previously sales director of 20:20 Mobile’s insurance division.

Meanwhile, business development manager Rob Kerry is to leave the firm to take a role as supply chain director at Qatar-based retailer and distributor Starlink.

20:20 Mobile said it was promoting from within to fill resulting vacancies.

Miller takes charge of 20:20 Mobile’s ‘premier partner’ programme, which convened last week with channel customers.

Sanghera and Kerry, along with Ashley Hassell and Paul Sandy, were essential to the formation of the premier partner programme. Sandy has since left for airtime distributor Avenir Telecom.

Miller said at the premier partner event last week: “These functions have helped to take away some of the old myths about us. 20:20 has been accused of being arrogant in the past, no doubt about that, but we have gone through a massive evolution over the past few years and we have moved away from that negativity.

“At previous events we have talked about everything we do as a business, and we do a ridiculous amount of things for a lot of people. But what we are doing now is focussing more on the corporate proposition, and building closer relationships.

“Testament to that is the fact we have, in a relative short space of time, got a number of premier partners signed up to contractual relationships, which is quite a big change in this channel.”

Among the strategic partnerships 20:20 Mobile has developed through its partner programme, are deals with Outsourcery, Unicom and Jersey Telecom for exclusive supply of certain product lines.

Kerry took charge of relationships with each party.

He said:”I was a part of the team that first put together the premier partner proposition, and I consider it to offer the additional value to partners of any similar scheme in the market.”

Kerry joins Starlink, which is owned by Qatar operator Qtel, and handles logistics and supply for all operator stores, Starlink stores and a number of indpendent traders also.

He added: “I am leaving on very good terms. I have had a great three years here, and seen the business change dramatically. It is in a strong position.”