20:20 supports Hooper’s bike ride


20:20 Mobile has teamed up with leading tracking solution provider iTrack to support Uplands Mobiles managing director Paul Hooper on his 1,000 mile charity motorbike ride in support of Hope and Homes for Children, which started today (Monday).

Said Hooper “Like a lot of people in business with their various communication tools, in reality I only use about 10 per cent of my BlackBerry’s capability. That’s not what I necessarily tell everyone, but if the truth be known, I use it predominantly as a phone, email and electronic diary.

“When I’m in the office or on my laptop I’m utilising so much more IT and it was that, that got me thinking. Could I take a week out of the office and still carry on running the business as usual? Not just the business element but also using my device for the things that I do in my own life, day to day?”

Hooper will be running his business from the road. Quite literally. Whilst in the saddle he will be predominantly focussing on BlackBerry mobility when away from the office, contactability, email management, tracking and navigation.

You can track Hooper’s progress at http://trackaphone.co.uk/callback/publish/uplands/