Orange to play heavyweight in B2B ring


Everything Everywhere will go toe-to-toe with O2 and Vodafone by making business sales from its direct and indirect units one of its top priorities

Everything Everywhere, the new firm running both the Orange and T-Mobile brands in the UK, put business sales from its direct and indirect units front and centre of its new fight with operators O2 and Vodafone, which have led both joint venture parties in the UK business market to date.

Everything Everywhere reckons it can increase the billed revenue of its constituent parts by up to 25 per cent by the end of 2014, or around £250 million per annum, and increase its base of business customers by 30 per cent.

Vice president of business Martin Stiven said: “It is fair to say that neither [Orange nor T-Mobile] has had as much focus on business as [the joint venture company] is going to have. Both have under-indexed slightly against where they ought to be.

“The value of business in the combined organisation is around £1 billion revenue. Whilst we want to increase our base significantly, it is realistic we can increase that value by 20-25 per cent by the end of 2014 – that’s by being more assertive in the market with better propositions, better solutions and better customer satisfaction.”

Stiven, who takes charge of all strategy around business customers at the firm, went on: “We are going to give Vodafone and O2 more of a run for their money than before. We will punch our weight. And we want to be the best, to give customers the best experience, and give them a reason to buy from us. Every business in the UK should right now want a conversation with us.”

Vodafone and O2 take around 75 per cent of the business market alone, with Orange and T-Mobile trailing a way behind both.

Stiven remarked: “I think figures are a little unclear in terms of relative share of the business market. But we want to take share.”

Orange has itself increased its direct business sales team by around 15 per cent in the past six months, with particular focus on SME sales, as the joint venture with T-Mobile has been rubber stamped and proper detail has emerged.

It has also struck a deal with BT Wholesale to offer fixed line and broadband to business customers under its own brand. “The whole convergence piece is at the heart of our strategy. We have done a deal with BT Wholesale already and, within the coming months, we will have a full convergence offer,” said Stiven.

Full article in Mobile News issue 464 (May 24, 2010).

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