Outsourcery and UC magic


Genesis Communications was a “pure mobile business that had run its course and needed drastic change,” remarks its co-founder Piers Linney.

Three years later, and the company has been totally reinvented – new name, new strategy, new product set, new prospects.

Linney reckons Outsourcery, as the company is now known, is a leader in the broad-ranging unified communications field. It comes across as fiercely ambitious, supremely confident and acquisitive to boot, with a continuing interest in buying specialist firms to expand its service portfolio and skill-set.

Genesis was set up in 1995, and was acquired by DSG International in 2002, which also had retailer The Link as part of its portfolio of mobile sales agents. The Link was broken up and sold in 2006, and Linney and his business partner Simon Newton structured a management buy-out of Genesis in March the following year.

But Linney knew the business had to offer more than just mobile connections, and got to work to transform it; he wanted to offer “absolutely everything.”

He explains: “We went to town on the business. We reviewed and rationalised it and had a vision to move into unified communications – software and services and applications on mobile devices. Because that was where the world was going.

“We invested £10 million in our own data centre in Leicester and launched a strategy based on that view of mobilised software and services.”

The biggest stepping stone to this aim was the company’s re-brand as Outsourcery in July last year, a name that has held up well in the mind of its owners and delivers in brand terms on their original vision for the company.

Linney explains: “Genesis was a very tired company and had pretty poor brand recognition. It was very much a 1990s/early noughties mobile phone business, focussed on connections, bringing in customers and probably not that focussed on service. The name simply didn’t reflect what we wanted to do with the business.

“It didn’t have a great future. As a standalone mobile business you have some future but not a particularly long one. If you don’t diversify and add value, where do you go?

“The magic is there in the new company name – you’re outsourcing communications and IT to us, and the business is a reliable and trusted brand in the market.”

Full article in Mobile News issue 464 (May 24, 2010).

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