GK Telecom to start T-Mobile trial


GK Telecom will start its six-month trial to become a fully certified T-Mobile distributor later this month following delays brought on by the joint-venture between Orange and T-Mobile.

In April T-Mobile dropped airtime distributor Anglia Telecom Centres for missing volume targets in successive quarters, leaving HSC as T-Mobile’s only official airtime partner in the UK.

Anglia stockists were transferred to HSC to ensure continuity of business for T-Mobile, which at the time announced in tandem plans to put GK Telecom on a six-month trial period with a view to making it a fully fledged distributor for the network after that.

However due to the joint venture, the trial was delayed until the merger fully took shape.

The Slough-based SIM card distributor, which has been a 3 distributor for 18 months, has now been told the trial can begin.

GK Telecom network director Debbie Young said: “We’re working quickly to get this up and running in the most successful manner possible and we’ve had a handful of dealers apply for codes that have been accepted by T-Mobile.

“The delay has been slightly frustrating but totally understandable as the joint venture was such a big thing, but we would rather have the trial delayed and done correctly than rushed and be a failure. We’re confident this will be a complete success and we’ll do everything we can to meet T-Mobile’s expectations of us and exceed that.”