Paul: HTC supply, tech issues


HTC’s profile is so high now, it seems handset issues have started to plague it like they have much bigger rivals for several years.

It perhaps comes when manufacturing is ramped up to meet spiralling demand for handsets. It perhaps comes when one device, as it seems for now, is poorly designed.

Certainly there is the demand. Dealers agree that the HD2 is a top quality phone but is being stopped from being one of the best because of digitiser and software problems, of the kind more commonly experienced by Nokia and Sony Ericsson in recent times.

And shortages of the HTC Desire bear out the sense HTC is overrun. HTC knew it had something special, that it was ready to spend big on a neat design housing a clever Android system.

And it smashed its marketing budgets to see it get to as broad an audience as possible. An audience that cannot now be sated by Chinese manufacturing plants.

These are new and awkward problems for HTC. It must nip them in the bud or its bounce will flatten.

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