Vodafone: A virtue out of a network


Vodafone reckons it has perfected an ecosystem for selecting MVNO partners. Mobile News meets the four men any company that wants to join the party has to impress

In 2008 Vodafone claimed to be taking 17 per cent of the total revenue earned from the MVNO market, but two years on it claims its share has almost doubled and is now the ‘partner of choice’ for wholesale.

Mobile News was invited to Newbury last month to discuss Vodafone’s strategy in the MVNO market, a place which it already plays a significant part in.

Its partners, representing “hundreds of thousands” of subscribers each, include BT and Talkmobile, both formerly on T-Mobile, Asda Mobile, Lebara, TomTom and more recently Truphone and MVN aggregator (MVNA) Teleena.

Will Vodafone be adding more names to its list of direct partners? Says director of business and wholesale Tim Stone, “maybe.”

However, when it come to discussing its strengths and why its sees itself as the partner of choice, there was no restraint  of chest puffing.

Stone, who has been with Vodafone for many years, says Vodafone is in the driving seat for MVNO wholesale and is more committed than any other operator at making its partners successful.

“Our strategy is to be the partner of choice to the right partners and we want to make them successful. That’s a big statement to make as an MNO,” said Stone (pictured).

“We don’t believe any other operator in the UK has the resource time and experience that we have.

“We have belief in ourselves because of our successes in this market over the past four years. You only have to look to see where some of the most successful MVNO’s have come from over the past four years. We have Asda, BT, Talkmobile, Lebara. We work more closely with our partners and have the strongest team.”

Full article in Mobile News issue 465 (June 7, 2010).

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