JAG settles with Get Connected


Get Connected has received an out of court settlement of £7,000 from former employees Mark Kopec and Jackson Sanders after they admitted stealing customer details and using them to upgrade them as JAG customers.

In April the Welsh-based retailer had made the allegations, accusing now JAG employees Kopec and Sanders of using the data to add to JAG’s customer base whilst stealing legitimate customers from Get Connected. Kopec and Sanders had run JAG’s franchise stores in Abergavenny, Monmouth and Pontypool in Gwent but have since handed back the Monmouth store.

Get Connected said that it had served legal documents to its rival and had threatened court proceedings if a resolution wasn’t reached, but now seems satisfied through the settlement and the admission of guilt from Kopec and Sanders. The pair are also required to pay around £7,000 in legal costs.

Get Connected managing director Damian Cole (pictured) said: “It was an unpleasant experience having seen two of your former employees do that to you and use it against us in what is a very competitive market, but I’m reasonably satisfied with the settlement and their admission of guilt.”

JAG attempted to distance itself from the situation. A spokesman said: “This had nothing to do with JAG because the accused were franchisees running licensed stores and not our own stores. We in no way encouraged this or ever would. It was up to the individuals to personally settle with Get Connected.”

Get Connected is also heading towards having an 80 store high street presence following the opening of its latest outlet in Bideford, north Devon on May 29, taking its total to 72.

Four more stores are scheduled to open in the coming weeks. Get Connected’s fourth store in Cardiff is due to open, along with one in Caernarvon and Bangor in North Wales, as well as one in Crediton, Devon.

Cole said: “We’re edging towards 80 stores and that is our next target. The next aim will be to get to 90 stores as soon as possible and we’re still clinging on to the hope of having 100 stores open by the end of the year, although that hope is slim now.”