Samsung to hold UK bada event


Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd it to hold its first UK Developer Day for its bada open smartphone platform in London on June 18.

The event has been designed to encourage bada application development and assist relevant developers and their communities. The Developer Day is structured around bada platform introduction, programming samples configured for specific technologies and applications based on the bada platform software development kit and a variety of demonstrations using real mobile phones.

The event will also provide overall introductions on Samsung Apps, Samsung’s application store, and the Samsung application certification process to help developers understand certification and sale procedures.

It takes place at the Congress Centre, 23-28 Great Russell Street, London on June 18, and is one of the first Samsung Developer Days to be held in Europe, with a series of similar events extending into more than 20 countries scheduled for before the end of 2010.

Samsung UK & Ireland head of mobile Simon Stanford said: “We’re incredibly proud and excited about the possibilities of our bada platform and we’re looking forward to sharing our vision of bada and its applications with developers.”