Voda unveils Android 360 shop


Vodafone is extending the reach of its 360 services with the launch of the 360 Shop for Android.

The services will be directly accessible from the handset home screen and will launch this summer on the HTC Wildfire and Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro.

The 360 Shop is a single destination for digital content, integrating music, video, ringtones and applications.

Vodafone said that is has been designed so that customers can search easily for applications they need and are interested in. It added that it is hopeful developers will make applications across platforms for the Vodafone 360 shop.

To date 8,500 applications have been published in the 360 Shop and eight European markets currently range over 100 different handsets capable of accessing the Vodafone 360 services.

Vodafone director of content services Lee Epting said: “Developers want to know that their app will be seen by consumers, and the 360 Shop on Android has been designed to maximise opportunities for content promotion. Initial data is showing that up to a third of the catalogue gets exposed in a single day. This is a market-leading approach which will allow both customers and developers to get great value out of the 360 Shop.”