Update puts 360 ‘back on track’


Vodafone said the software update for Samsung H1 and M1 handsets using its 360 platform has made a “big difference” to the functionality of the devices.

Vodafone said it has been rolling out the 360 software update across its markets for a couple of months, with over-the-air updates and follow ups for customers that have opted not to update remotely. A spokesperson said the update is an ongoing process in its roadmap for rolling out services.

Vodafone said the new software makes the screen faster and more responsive, offers a simpler email structure, improves the proximity algorithm to bring regular contacts to the top of the address book and gives a pop-up warning when roaming, as well as other improvements.

The Vodafone spokesperson said: “We know it has made a big difference and is helping us get back on track with delivering our roadmap.”