EUR: Truphone grows market


MVNO Truphone has signed two deals that will make its Local Anywhere service available in the Netherlands and Spain within months.

Truphone has signed agreements with Vodafone Netherlands and Orange in Spain to provide it with access to the operators’ mobile networks to deliver Local Anywhere voice and data rates and local numbers to its worldwide customer base. Local Anywhere is now available in Australia, the Netherlands, Spain, the UK and the US. South Africa is expected to be added soon.

With over 70 million visitors to the Netherlands and Spain each year, and a combined outgoing traffic of 33 million people, Truphone said it and its partners have a huge opportunity to offer customers from all over the world savings of up to 90 per cent on their roaming, international calling and data charges both at home and abroad.

The Truphone Local Anywhere service provides customers with local rates and local numbers in countries where the company has an agreement with local operators.

Truphone CEO Geraldine Wilsion (pictured) said: “Our operator partners recognise that Truphone Local Anywhere represents a breakthrough for the international traveller market, providing them with a really elegant, cost saving and convenient mobile communications solution.

“We want our customers who live, work or travel abroad to benefit from paying local rates world over, and we are delighted to announce that we will soon be live in Australia, the Netherlands and Spain as well as the UK and the US.”