3G S users feel duped by iPhone 4


New Apple iPhone 3G S customers are angry with the sudden availability of the iPhone 4, and are returning to stores to request 14-day cancellations of their contracts to gain iPhone 4 models instead.

Retail staff claim as well they have struggled to hit targets in the interim, between announcement and availability of the iPhone 4, as demand for the 3G S has slumped.

One Carphone staffer said: “The problem with Apple is it likes a surprise. That’s all well and good but when you convince someone to take a 24-month contract for an iPhone and then all the papers report the new model 24 hours later, you get a lot of visits from angry customers.

“They think we are withholding information, but we know as much as them. It can get quite nasty.”

Retail staff in O2 stores and Orange stores echoed his sentiments.