Orange starts HD Voice trial


Orange has started trialling high-definition (HD) voice across its UK mobile network in the south of England.

The trial, which commences immediately, runs across the Orange UK mobile network between the locations of Bristol, Reading and Southampton, with participates selected to represent a range of demographic groups, including small businesses and early technology adopters, as well as more mainstream users.

Levels of call quality and customer experience will be monitored, and upon successful feedback from the trial, Orange plans to roll out the service nationwide across before the end of the summer.

The UK trial builds on the launch of the HD Voice service by Orange in Moldova, where it has become the first operator in the world to offer the service.

HD Voice offers an improvement in the sound quality of traditional mobile voice calls due to a wider speech bandwidth of 50–7000Hz compared to the current narrowband speech codec of 300–3400Hz. HD Voice uses the WB-AMR (wideband adaptive multi-rate) speech codec to deliver significantly enhanced sound quality while utilising the same network resources, Orange said

Everything Everywhere chief executive Tom Alexander said: “The trial of mobile HD Voice is a significant milestone in the new company’s goal of delivering the best service in the industry. HD Voice represents a huge advance for the customer experience, a great leap forward for the mobile industry and we’re delighted to be at the forefront in bringing this innovation to the UK public.”