Window Shopping (21/06/10)


Carphone Warehouse
It’s the invasion of the Android in Carphone Warehouse stores this week, with an apparently ‘new way to experience apps’. The Sony Ericsson X10 Mini leads the charge to point of sale or is it the other way round? It’s hard to tell these days, if it’s the phone or the app that closes the deal at the counter.

Phones 4U
There’s no such confusion in Phones 4U stores where Superfast Web and Apps sell the latest range of HTC and Nexus phones, free from £20 a month. For the street-savvy teen, the BlackBerry-killing Nokia C3 is available for only £79.95, on prepay, or you can get a Nokia-killing BlackBerry 8520 Curve for £15 a month. Failing that, there’s a NokiaBerry-killing LG Cookie Fresh for under £50.

It’s speed that sells in Voda stores, with a heady combination of Formula One-mobiles, superimposed on Samsung mobiles, namely the Wave and the Galaxy S 16GB. More sharp than smart, these phones are free from £25 per month. And there’s a free Vodafone McLaren Mercedes … erm, rucksack available with selected Samsung phones.

Hard to know if you’re niggling or nobbling in O2, this week. A psychedelic, seemingly drug-induced creative campaign floods O2 stores as well as TV and newspaper space and, let’s face it, an ageing, grey be-ponytailed adman’s bank account. The ‘crafty cost nark’ is a mythical creature that sucks line rental, calls and home broadband bunce from unsuspecting households. I think the cost nark may have infected the copywriter when he spews: “Line rental, calls and home broadband for just £9.50 per month for three months. And a niggle nobbling £17 after that” 

There’s only one message getting through the windows at Orange outlets: ‘blog and text ’til the cows come home’. It seems that the grey be-ponytailed copywriter is moonlighting for O2 and Orange except that he’s not been taking as many drugs for the Orange campaign. The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini is free on £20 Dolphin tariffs. Mmmm … blogging cows on dolphins? Maybe he still is on the drugs, after all.

The T-Mobile windows look like a bunch of kiddies have spilled a thousand tubes of Smarties over them. In between magenta brand splatters, augmented by young people having a massive laugh on a photo shoot, there is the odd product placement. Own-brand Pulse Mini is £99.99, while the HTC Desire free on £30 a month plans.


Those Nokia ‘Comes With’ ziggy-zaggy lines are looking a little tired in Three windows. Replace ‘Music’ with ‘Get Entertained’ and you get ‘Come Get Entertained’ as the revelatory new advertising strapline. All this, to sell the Nokia 5230 and the X6, which kinda sell themselves, anyway. Elsewhere, the Samsung S3370 and the Nokia E72 wrestle for position, free for £18 and £25, respectively.