Data Select’s Huawei dealer win


Handset distributor Data Select has secured an exclusive distribution deal with Chinese manufacturer Huawei for its handsets and ‘tablet’ range.

The deal will see Data Select control and manage all distribution, excluding sales to networks, of Huawei handsets in to the UK market, including its seven-inch  S7 Android 2.1 tablet device, expected to launch next month for around £220.

Data Select has also secured exclusive distribution in Northern Europe of the Motorola XT720 handset. It is also to support Vodafone logistics requirements for the new Apple iPhone 4, released this week.

As well, it is to sell the Airo Wireless tough smartphone into the US via its Expansys web sales business.

Data Select chief commercial officer Roy Taylor said of the Huawei deal: “These guys deliver network infrastructure, and produce handsets for networks that they have probably optimised themselves. So they are very strong from a quality point of view.

“Some of the price points are very aggressive; you have to take notice. People will be very impressed with the prices and quite how good these devices are.”

Huawei open market channel manager for terminals Ian Hicks said: “We are a significant business with deep experience in hardware and software and we want to get in to the open market and develop strong relationships with dealers, because we realise they are essential to us establishing in the UK.”

Data Select instructed dealers Huawei wanted feedback from them on types of handsets, of hardware and software features and also of design and pricing, they could make a success of in the UK channel.

Data Select commercial director Simon Boyd suggested a dealer consensus on a handset design could see the Chinese maker set its production line in process to build for the channel specifically, provided volume guarantees were in place.

He explained: “One of the great things about Huawei is it is flexible. We can have conversations about handset specifications, to allow dealers to compete more effectively, in return for the right volume commitment. It’s a fantastic opportunity.”