Unlockers ready iPhone 4 crack


Unlockers expect a solution to crack the Apple iPhone 4 soon after its UK launch this week. They claim unlocking engineer George Hotz has developed a hack to bypass the updated software on iPhone 4, version 4.0, to unlock the device.

Hotz was the first to announce ‘purplera1n’ in July 2009, which was the first public software for jailbreaking the iPhone 3G S. In October 2009, he also released ‘blackra1n’, which enabled all iPhones to be jailbroken.

Fone Doctors proprietor Faisal Sheikh said: “We’ll definitely be using the solution and expect to be using it as early as the iPhone 4’s first weekend on sale in the UK, charging anything between £25 and £45. We’ll need to test for any side effects the solution might have but I can’t see there being too much of a problem.”

Ace Fones assistant manager Dan Shortall said: “There are videos doing the rounds on the internet so it won’t be long before the unlock reaches us. Nobody has made a real attempt to unlock the current software version on the iPhone, version 3.13, that was released a couple of months ago.

“They didn’t want to waste their time doing that when they knew that version 4.0 was to be released. That’s what makes this more exciting.”