Frequency takes Nextivity direct


Frequency Telecom will look to sell Nextivity Cel-Fi products to around 50,000 businesses in the UK after signing a deal to distribute the mobile signal boosters.

Frequency Telecom originally said that it was to sell the products primarily to T-Mobile Independent Partners but has now widened its scope by targeting businesses.   

Nextivity is a manufacturer of 3G in-building coverage technology, designed to deliver increased 3G connectivity on mobile devices.

Consisting of two wireless linked devices and smart antenna technology, the products seek out the best available signal to maximise coverage on mobile devices.

Its products promise improved voice coverage, allowing users to gain better indoor reception within buildings of up to 13,300 square foot. The products self-install with no external aerials, cables, plugs and settings required. Cel-Fi is approved for use in the UK on the T-Mobile network only.

A UK website has also been set up by Frequency Telecom to advise interested parties where they can buy the products.

Frequency Telecom director of marketing Stephen Donovan said: “The reason we’re initially looking at businesses is the product involves an investment of about £400 and if you have 10-15 people within your company on 3G, it works out to be a very cost-effective solution.

“We’ll get some reviews out into the consumer and trade press and then we’ll be direct mailing people about the product.

“It only works on T-Mobile at the moment so that limits availability but we have a list  of about 50,000 business contacts that we can be talking to, so it’s a good base to start from. We know that the product works well and know that there will be a demand for it.”